With beauty trends constantly coming and going, it can be difficult to successfully keep up with the lastest look. The rise of social media has aided in this age-old conundrum, making it easier than ever for people to stay on top of the newest tendencies. For instance, Pinterest has recently published its last report of the year, which analyzed the most popular beauty trends of 2017. Using their data, the popular site even predicted which ones will remain super fashionable for 2018. Tapping into this and, of course, celebrity inspiration, we tell you what's hot from makeup and skincare to hairstyles and manicures - get those notepads ready!

Bella Hadid enjoys playing with eyecatching shades

Neon statements. An electric blue line or pink fuchsia shade always attracts attention. Nowadays, society is more daring than ever and shows less fear with trying out bold colors in makeup. Pinterest tells us that the search for "bright eyeshadows" has risen 63% since last year, and catwalks and fashion sites confirm that this trend will continue to boom among makeup users.

Celebrating diversity. The search for the term "complexion matching" has risen 378%, proving that inclusion is a trend that will not go out of fashion (and nor should it). Brands like Fenty Beauty by Rhianna and Stellar have created bases for a variety of skin tones, so that everyone can discover their perfect makeup match.

Graphic design. Although the clean and simple manicure will always be a wonderful look, more detailed nail styles have gained traction recently. There has been a flux in nail art searches, especially for "geometric nails," which has risen 83%. Daring designs, with splashes of color, show the limits on expressing your personality through beauty are endless.


XXL eyelashes. Very Kardashian-esque, false eyelashes have been dubbed one of the "must-have" products by beauty experts everywhere. There has been an increase of 152% in search results for these eyelashes, which makes it clear that people are seeking a longer look, sexier and more flirtatious look.

'Wet look'.  The popular trend of the 80 's and 90 's has come back with strength in the 21st century! It's been seen on catwalks of brands like Giambattista Valli and Sportmax during the fashion weeks of autumn/winter 2017. Selena Gomez even opted to chose this style for her look at the British Fashion Awards. With so many celebs jumping on the "wet look" wagon, we're not surprised that "slicked back" and "wavy" hair searches have risen by 166%.

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A pop of color

A touch of color. The lipsticks in dye are perfect for people looking to color their faces without the intensity of a traditional lipstick. The images of "lip tints" have been marked as 414% higher than last year, and come in matte and sheer finishes. Which one would you choose?

Oils. As for skin and hair care trends, "oils" have had a big boom in demand over the recent months. On Pinterest, for example, people have pinned 555% more images of facial clensers with oil. Oil formulas in hair products, skincare and even make-up are becoming more and more popular. Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot has even dipped into this trend, telling Harper's Bazaar: “Before I go to bed, I take off all my make-up with La Mer Cleansing Oil and moisturize my face.”

Jessica Alba opted for Allure's best of beauty award winning lip crayon! Photo: Instagram/@jessicaalba

Stop, drop and ROLL. "Facial rollers" have also stepped into the spotlight this year, becoming a key in beauty routines of stars like Jennifer Anniston and Jessica Alba. Since the beginning of last year, there has been an increase in 345% of pinned images of "facial rollers." This is likely to keep increasing as the technique stimulates the production of collagen, a key protein for maintaining a healthy body. It almost seems to be the new trick of insiders for achieving "eternal youth!"

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