Anna Kournikova and her longtime love Enrique Iglesias surprised fans with the arrival of their twins Nicholas and Lucy on December 16. The former tennis player managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, although some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Anna had been strategically choosing what to post on Instagram in the latter half of 2017.

The 36-year-old did a good job of hiding her baby bump by only sharing close-up photos of her face, as opposed to full-length body shots like she used to post. The Russian beauty’s last revealing photo was back in June, when she was probably around two months pregnant. At the time, Anna, 36 was still showing off her athletic figure, sharing videos of herself working out in a crop top and leggings, and there was no sign of a bump.


><img alt=VIEW GALLERY Anna Kournikova managed to hide her pregnancy on Instagram Photo: Instagram/annakournikova

The tennis star used to regularly post videos and pictures on Instagram at least once a week, but after June, Anna used the social media site less and less. And when she did, Anna chose to upload close-up selfies, hiding her changing figure. However, one exercise video from August did suggest that Anna had something to hide. The Enrique’s partner was seen wearing a baggy top — and not her usual crop top — as she worked out.

One fan commented retrospectively on the photo: "I CALLED IT almost 5 months ago!! I said she's pregnant. Nobody believed me! She was always posting full body pics. Then stopped all of a sudden. There was a reason."



Another tell-tale sign was when Anna and Enrique, 42, chose not to attend the wedding of Enrique's half-sister Ana Boyer earlier this month. The sports star was heavily pregnant and wouldn't have been able to fly to the remote island of Mustique in the Caribbean where the nuptials took place. She ended up giving birth just days after in Miami.

HOLA! confirmed on Monday, December 18, that the pair became parents over the weekend. Back in 2011, Anna opened up about her desire to one day start a family, telling Women's Health, "I absolutely want to have children, whether I have my own or adopt." She added, “I love taking care of people.”

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