Victoria Beckham reveals why husband David finds her 'so boring'

Victoria Beckham often speaks about how much fun she has with her husband David and their four children, but when it comes to make-up it sounds like the soccer star would prefer to leave that business to his wife. The 43-year-old fashion designer participated in Vogue's Forces of Fashion panel on Thursday where she discussed her Estée Lauder collection, while revealing why David, 42, finds her "so boring."

Victoria revealed what David finds "so boring" Photo: Darren Gerrish/Darren Gerrish/WireImage

Chatting about expanding her fashion empire into beauty, Victoria admitted, "If I can't do it well there's no point in my doing it. I was very specific with what I wanted, even down to the size of pigments in an eyeshadow, and they were fantastic." She continued, "I feel like beauty is a category where I've just scratched the surface. I'm enjoying every moment; I love the development process and the packaging. David thinks I'm so boring talking about boxes and stuff!"

The former Spice Girls member also reflected on her career evolution from singer to designer. “I was very aware that people had preconceptions,” she said. “I was a Spice Girl, I was married to a footballer, so I was aware, but I was probably [also] quite naive going into the fashion industry.” Victoria added, “I really put everything into this; it was a new career for me and I had a vision. I surrounded myself with the right people, which, when I started was just two people—one girl working with me on the design and another on the production. It was very different from what other people had done; I wasn’t a celebrity with a licensing deal.”

The fashion designer collaborated with Estée Lauder on a beauty line Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Estee Lauder UK

To promote her new Estée Lauder collaboration, the mom-of-four dared to go bare in a make-up tutorial for fans, which she did at the request of Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. "When Anna [Wintour] asked me to do a tutorial and she said, 'Well, you have to start off with no make-up,' I said, 'Oh my God, really, do I have to?'" Victoria recalled. "But the response has been fantastic – it was great advice, you have to be honest and engaging."

Behind her trademark pout and smoky eyes, Victoria insists that she likes to have fun. She recently told The Sunday Times: "We're a close family. We socialize a lot together, we laugh a lot together. The kids are very funny. David can be very funny – you wouldn't expect that. Brooklyn is hilarious. They all are in their own ways. They're happy kids."

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