Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have problem with getting older! The Friends alum opened up to Australia’s Now to Love about the key to aging gracefully, while admitting, “I really wish we could shift our perspective on it as a negative because it’s happening to every single one of us.”

“We just need to be very good to our skin – just take very good care of it,” the 48-year-old noted. “Keep it healthy, and keep it tended to – as we tend to our cars, as we tend to our appliances, as we tend to everything else we tend to.”

Jennifer opened up about her biggest beauty regret and aging Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Jennifer, who is known for her gorgeous California glow, has learned from the mistakes she made with her skin back when she was younger. “My biggest beauty regret is the amount of sun-bathing I used to do without sunscreen,” the actress confessed. “I mean, baby oil! What was I thinking?! It’s certainly a cautionary tale: just wear sunscreen!”

Last year, the Hollywood star penned a moving essay on body image. Chatting with Vogue recently about the piece, Jennifer said,  “If you’re going to walk out and have your nipples showing, or your belly is a little bloated, or you’re not at the weight you want to be—you are perfect no matter what you are and no matter where you are and who cares!” Jennifer added, “You have to tune out the noise, which is fine by me, because I just know that I’m happy and healthy and doing everything I can to be good in the world and to the people I work with."

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