At 50 years old, Salma Hayek remains one of the most stunning women in Hollywood. The star consistently wows with her spot on sense of style and spectacular figure. While credit definitely goes to her healthy lifestyle and, of course, genetics, Salma has revealed one waist-slimming beauty trick from up her sleeve that anyone can do!


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Salma Hayek got laced up into a corset Photo: Instagram/@salmahayek

This past week, the Beatriz at Dinner actress posted a photo on Instagram which showed a friend fastening her into a tight black corset. In the pic, Salma’s arms seem to be moving closer toward her bathroom counter for support, as the pal ties her up into the shapely undergarment. Salma specified why she felt the need to where a corset, lightheartedly writing along with the snap: “When you love #food as much as I do you better learn to suck it in.”

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Instagram is no stranger to Salma’s hourglass figure. The Mexican actress has shared countless photos flaunting her enviable wasp waist. Most recently, she put up a video in July, showing her stroll down a drawn-out hallway in what appears to be a corset and sleek black skirt. As she put it, she was: “Shaking it on my way to take some photos...”

Of course, a corset is not the only thing that keeps Salma in tip-top “shake it” shape. Another valuable tool in her health arsenal is juicing. She has always held a deep understanding of the incredible benefits of healthy eating habits and natural self-care. Salma recently launched Blend it Yourself, a line of edible facials made from fruit and vegetable smoothies, with Juice Generation.

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Salma’s relationship with the company began back in 2008, when she approached Juice Generation founder Eric Helms about creating the perfect recipes for her nutritional juices and nut milks.  This project ended up being Cooler Cleanse, which was a hit with her fans. Together, they had generated a line of fresh, raw juices with health-enhancing effects.

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