Alfonso Cuaron and Tess Bu Cuaron

Alfonso Cuarón on how it felt to take his daughter to the Golden Globes

Alfonso Cuarón had a special date for this year’s Golden Globes! The Roma writer brought his 15-year-old daughter Tess Bu Cuarón, to the ceremony, and it wasn’t the red carpet and fancy lights that impressed her. “She met Timothée Chalamet,” the 57-year-old shared during an appearance during Tuesday night's Tonight Show. “Of course she had fun,” he added. Tess may have been his right hand, but she was also his biggest fashion critic. Alfonso, who wore a sharp black tuxedo for the occasion, admitted Tess wasn’t impressed by his style choices.

Alfonso Cuarón says that his 15-year-old daughter was his biggest fashion critic at the Golden Globes Photo: Getty Images 

“The other thing, she was giving me grief the whole time,” he quipped. “She was comparing dresses, ‘See how cool Spike Lee looks,” she said. ‘And see how you look? You’re so dull, all in black and stuff, and look at these cool guys.’” The Gravity director and the Harry Potter actress have been spending some quality father-daughter time together. Alfonso shared that on one of their recent trips, he finally found a way to connect with his tech-savvy teen.

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When he saw Tess playing a game on her phone, he decided to give it a shot after she told him that he “won’t be able to do it.” Tthe Mexican filmmaker proved his daughter wrong. “I took the telephone and I started swiping and I beat her,” he shared. “To this day, I don’t know what the game was about.” He admitted that he's not the most tech-savvy guy around. “I’m really bad with this technology thing," he said.

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Alfonso, who is also father to sons, Jonas, 38, and Olmo, 13, said that his daughter isn’t the only young woman in his life that isn’t fazed by his stardom. According to Alfonso, Yalitza Aparicio, the debutante actress who starred in Roma, wasn’t thrilled to audition for her role as Cleo. “She just finished studying to become a teacher. And she was not really interested,” he said. “Her sister made her go.”

The Roma writter is father to three children Photo: Getty Images

When it came to Yalitza's first impression of the famous screen writer, he wasn’t what she expected. “She went to Mexico City to meet with me, and she had to Google me,” he continued. “She didn’t believe it was me because I was fatter in the pictures.” After her meeting with the Oscar-winning director, the 26-year-old Mexican star accepted the role. “She was amazing,” he said. “When I offered her to do the job, she said ‘I don’t have anything better to do. So, let’s do it.’”



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