Camila Cabello

It's safe to say that Camila Cabello is a talented chick. She knows the importance of a day-to-night outfit change, she throws a mean pizza party, and she knows how to produce a Grammy award-winning song. Her artistry moves people from all corners of the world. But today we witnessed just how far her reach really goes. Today (January 8), we learned that even parrots (yes, parrots!) can't resist the sweet sounds of the Cuban-American singer.

Camila Cabello's Instagram stories featured a parrot dancing to her song Havana

It was just another Tuesday until the 21-year-old Havana singer posted a story to her Instagram. As you can see below, the clip features a parrot bopping its whole body to the beat of Havana. And although, you can't see Camila, you can hear her lyrical voice. "This bird goes hard to Havana," she captioned the Instagram video. Also, let's take a quick second to applaud this parrot's flair.   Peep the way she puffs up her feathers mid way through the performance.

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The hit song featured in the adorable video was released back in August of 2017, and since then, it has sky-rocketed and is on everyone's (including former President Barack Obama) playlist. But before the track's release, not everyone was on board, Camila revealed. “Everybody was like, it doesn’t have enough production, it’s not radio-friendly enough, it feels too slow, it’s a cool piece, but people won’t get it, only Latin people will get this," she told The Guardian. "And I was just like, let’s just put it out and see what happens.”

It's now almost two years later, and we've heard (and seen) the song triumph across different mediums—radio, music video and live on stage. “A song like Havana was just a title on the notes in my phone," the singer told fans during a Today Show performance. "It’s so much fun to create the whole thing.” 

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