Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Lopez

Since working on their latest film, Second Act, Vanessa Hudgens and Jennifer Lopez have developed what you might call a close mentor-like friendship. So much so that at some point, it even felt as though they could read each other’s minds! At least that’s how the 30-year-old actress described it to Haute Living. In a recent interview with the publication, Vanessa talked about how she and J.Lo immediately hit it off, the Limitless singer's invaluable career advice to her and their “insane connection.”

Vanessa and J.Lo share the spotlight at the premiere of Second Act 

Vanessa explained: “We’d be between sets, and we’d just talk. I’d tell her about my career and where I think I’m lacking, and she’d tell me what she thinks the right steps are to get to where I want to be.” She added, “She told me, ‘If you aren’t happy in a certain aspect of your career, look at who is doing what you want to be doing, and mimic it. [Jennifer] was great at being like, ‘In order to do that, you’ve got to do this,’ and she spells it out in the most simplistic way possible. And I’d be like, ‘Oh yeah, of course, I’ll do that, and I’m going to conquer the world just like you!’”

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The two leading ladies developed a close, mentor-ly friendship

It’s evident their affection goes both ways as on their last day filming the romantic comedy, J.Lo took to Instagram to share a clip that shows the pair hugging each other and smiling during a memorable on-set moment. She captioned the video with, “Yayyyyyy!! Another one in the can!! Such a great shoot!! So happy and so grateful for the new friends I’ve made and so fortunate to work with so many beautiful creative souls!! Have a great holiday everybody!!”

Since working together J.Lo has taken Vanessa under her wing and filled her with career advice 

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The former High School Musical star also discussed their mindreading “I felt like we got to a point where we could be in a scene, and we were talking telepathically, where she’d be trying to tell me something, and I’d just go with it. I’d be like, ‘Are you trying to tell me this because I feel like you are?’ And she’d say, ‘Yes, baby.’ I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, I totally read your mind!’” If only we could all be taken under J.Lo’s superstar wing. One can dream!

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