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Welp. Alex Rodriguez just landed himself on the naughty list this Christmas. The 43-year-old former Yankees player took to Instagram on Monday, December 17, to share his holiday home decorations with fans, while revealing that his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, put him on the naughty list this year.  

 Jennifer Lopez put boyfriend Alex Rodriguez on the naughty list for Christmas Photo: Getty Images 

The MLB commentator posted a picture on his Instagram stories, showing the couple's beautifully decorated living room. Stockings line the fireplace, mini Christmas trees delicately stand beside the logs, and way up top, sits a chalkboard where Jennifer keeps tabs on all her family members with a naughty and nice list. As you can see, Alex is currently ranking first place on the naughty list along with his 14-year-old daughter Natasha and Jennifer Lopez's ten-year-old son Max. He jokingly captioned the photo: "What do I need to do to make it on the nice list?"

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Meanwhile, sitting pretty on the nice side is Jennifer, who is ranked number one, with her ten-year-old daughter, Emme, coming in second.  Alex's youngest daughter, Ella, also made the nice list this year. Whether they're naughty or nice, both Jennifer and Alex will get good tidings and gifts come December 25. "I can't just go out and buy something, something expensive,” Alex previously revealed during a behind-the-scenes video for his Old Navy spot. "For Jennifer, something that is handwritten or maybe is a photo — I don't want to give any secrets away for this holiday.” Hmm, what could that mean?

The former Yankees player jokingly captioned the photo: "What do I need to do to make it on the nice list?" Photo: Instagram/arod

As for Jennifer, she will also most likely have something epic planned for her beau because we all know how strongly she feels about him. "There's this thing he does and concentrates on that I don't. We're kind of yin and yang that way. We're kind of mirror twins of each other, but at the same time total opposites...And we just compliment each other really well that way," the Second Act actress told Extra. "Where you're weak, they're strong. Where you're strong, they're weak. And you fill in the blanks for each other," she shared. 

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So yeah, we have a feeling they'll both be nice to each other and get something good this Christmas.  

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