Meghan Markle and Lin Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals Meghan Markle knows Hamilton lyrics better than him

Meghan Markle’s superstar days may be gone, but her talent remains. Back in August, Prince Harry and his wife made a visit to the Victoria Palace Theater in London where the happy couple watched Hamilton and sat next to the show’s star and creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. In October, the talented composer mentioned to Stephen Colbert he was a little nervous about watching the play next to the Duke and Duchess, but clearly he had nothing to worry about as he spoke exclusively to HOLA!’s sister publication, HELLO! and revealed that he was blown away over the Duchess of Sussex’s knowledge of the song.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex posed with Lin-Manuel and his wife and the rest of the Hamilton gang

He said, "It was pretty wild. It was pretty surreal to see that the Duchess knows the lyrics a little better than I do! She was sitting next to me and mouthing along." He added: "I am playing Hamilton again in Puerto Rico in a few weeks and I really was like, oh man I've got to brush up on my lyrics. So, it was a joy and they're wonderful." It comes as no surprise the former Suits star learned the words to his award-winning musical as she used to have to memorize full scripts back in her Hollywood days. Not only that, but the Duke and Duchess were no strangers to the show.

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Ahead of their special date, Harry and Meghan had spent and evening watching the play earlier this year. Meghan, on the other hand, had seen the show once before in New York City with best friend Priyanka Chopra, so by then she was prepared to participate in a good ol’ sing-a-long.

Prince Harry and Meghan congratulated the stars of the hit musical

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During his visit with Stephen, Lin-Manuel also shared how Prince Harry was a total sport and happy to be there. He said, “I was a little nervous because I sat next to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while they watched the show, and you know, that’s his sixth great grandpa and we’re sitting in a theater named after his fourth great grandma.” He continued, “But it played really well, and he sort of married into the family. He married an American, and she’s seen the show before. So, it went really well. They dig it.” There’s no doubt Meghan has brought a modern touch to the royal family and has captivated the world by doing so. We love how the mom-to-be continues to support her fellow artists!

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