Alex Rodriguez is already planning his gift for girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. The MLB commentator shared the special ideas he has in mind for his lady. "It has to be something creative. I can't just go out and buy something, something expensive,” he said during a behind the scenes video for his Old Navy spot.” For Jennifer, something that is handwritten or maybe is a photo — I don't want to give any secrets away for this holiday.”

Alex Rodriguez says he has the perfect Christmas gift for Jennifer Lopez Photo: Getty Images 

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The 43-year-old continued: “But it's something that is heartfelt. It is something that resembles a memory that we've had together that involves our children, that involves our home. Because ultimately, that's what it is all about.” As for Jennifer, the El Anillo singer hasn’t even had Christmas on the brain. During an appearance on Ellen, the mommy-of-two responded to Alex’s gift ideas. “Did he say inexpensive? That’s not going to work,” she quipped.

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“Smart and thoughtful I’ll take. Romantic. I feel like I just made it through Thanksgiving. December 1, “I’ll start thinking about Christmas.” Jennifer did discuss the idea of getting a ring for that special finger. When the talk show host asked about a potential engagement, the Limitless singer played coy. “I don’t know. I don’t know,” Jennifer said when asked about a potential engagement. “We are we’ve been together a couple of years, it’s nice.”

The Limitless singer says she hasn't thought about Christmas yet Photo: Getty Images

“Now people get to see that this guy they thought was this hard-nosed athlete is, like, a goofy dad who loves his kids and celebrates his girlfriend,” she told Instyle. “When we met, we’d both already done a lot of work on ourselves. Everybody has flaws, and the people I want in my life are the people who recognize that and are willing to work on those flaws,” Lopez says. “It’s super-important: someone who’s willing to look at themselves and say, ‘OK, I’m not great here’ or ‘I could do better there.’ ”

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