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'I'm not a great singer': Jennifer Lopez tears up as she talks insecurity

All eyes were on Jennifer Lopez as she arrived at New York City’s Metrograph on Monday evening. The 49-year-old singer-actress came out for an advanced screening to promote her upcoming film Second Act, accompanied by her beau, Alex Rodriguez. Following the screening, J.Lo sat front and center for an empowering panel discussion alongside highly inspirational women which included – producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Full Picture CEO Desiree Gruber, journalist and businesswoman Arianna Huffington, and Founder and Director of the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative Dr. Stacy L. Smith. The El Anillo singer went on to talk discuss pivotal moments in her career.

 J.Lo opened up about her insecurity as a singer Photo: Getty Images

She said, “Yes, I’m competitive, but I’m competitive with myself. How much further can I go; how much more can I do; how much more can I be. And that’s kind of what I think about and that’s the type of people I like to surround myself with.” The supermom then went on to admit she didn't always have the confidence she strongly portrays, which led her to tear up a little.

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“It was different people in my life at different times that were like ‘You are good at this," she said. “I’d go into studios and I’d be like ‘Well I’m not a great singer,’ and they’re like ‘What are you talking about?’ and I was like, ‘Well I don’t sing like Aretha Franklin,’ and they’re like ‘It doesn’t matter. You sing like Jennifer Lopez and people love it,’ and I’m like, ‘They do?’ and she’s like ‘Yes.’ It’s moments like that that you remember. People, they just plant a seed for you to look at yourself in a better way. And it’s those moments that just — you keep going.”

She continued, “For me, the most important thing is not listening to all the outside voices," she continued, "but making sure that the voice I’m speaking to myself, that roommate, is a kind roommate, is a good roommate, is somebody who’s lifting me up like Elaine [Goldsmith-Thomas] has done every single day.” The Bronx native donned a sexy-chic dress that appeared conservative until you reach a thigh-high slit that bared her toned legs.

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As per usual, Alex was her number one fan and he filmed her every word while up on the stage. Like a proud stage mom, the former Yankee showed his support and shared his love up on the stage on his Twitter account. Celebrities – they’re just like us.

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