Alex Rodriguez pranks Jennifer Lopez

See Jennifer Lopez freak out as A-Rod plays hilarious holiday prank on her with mentalist friend

Being home for the holidays is all about spending time with your loved ones and, according to Alex Rodriguez, pranking them. The 43-year-old former MLB star pulled an epic fast one on his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez over Thanksgiving weekend. Enlisting the help of his master mentalist friend Lior Suchard, Alex seamlessly executed a supernatural trick on his love. While the 49-year-old international superstar has surely been dazzled by spectacles across the globe, A-Rod was able to freak her out with one simple (and hilarious) highjink!

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez looked calm and collected while on a recent outing Photo: Instagram/@jlo

Jennifer seemed to walk blindly into the evening of Friday, November 23, as her family and friends were all in on some cheeky fun. The A-list couple's loved ones were seated at a stunning dinner table, which was delightfully adorned with holiday decor, as J.Lo was ushered into the room by Lior. With the understanding that the Israeli mentalist had performed some mystification on the group, Jennifer was brought to the other side of the table to see a trick.

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"I touched all of you right?" Lior asked, double checking that he tapped each seated person on the back of their shoulder. After they assured him, he continued his act: "Alright, everybody look here!" Next, the mentalist snapped and, with that, all of the participants suddenly let their heads drop onto the table. Clearly shaken, Jennifer was left shocked until her loved ones burst into laughter. Lucky for us fans, A-Rod shared a clip of the antics to social media for us all to see.

"Psyche!" he wrote alongside the fun video on Twitter. "Thanks to my good friend ‘Master Mentalist’ @liorsuchard for helping us have a little fun with @jlo tonight. #GoodSport". Lior seemed happy to perform the escapade, tweeting back: "After an evening of mind reading and mind influencing, we all had to do something.....special." He called his time with the group "an amazing evening of wonder, astonishment and fun in thanks giving." There was no bad blood with J.Lo, who called Lior "the most amazing mentalist" on her Instagram. It looks like it's her move to prank back!

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