What break-up? Newly single Paris Hilton is carefree (and ring free!) at her latest launch

She’s yet to comment on the news her engagement is off – but Paris Hilton let the empty space on her ring finger do all the talking as she made her first public appearance since news emerged that she’s split with Chris Zylka. The heiress and businesswoman was busy promoting her new fragrance in Australia, and there was no sign of the $2.2million diamond sparkler which Paris’ former love has asked to be returned to him.

Paris was in good spirits during her first public appearance since news of her broken engagement emerged Photo: Getty Images

The willowy blonde was showing no signs of upset as she greeted a crowd of fans at the launch of her new scent Platinum Rush at Highpoint Shopping Center in Melbourne. In fact, the 37-year-old – who dressed to impress in an ultra-short white shift dress with sequin embellishments and silver heels – seemed in extremely good spirits as she spoke to the audience and sashayed around the stage.

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Paris doesn’t seem phased at all by the attention her break-up is attracting. She was met by photographers as she touched down in Melbourne Airport, many of whom shouted questions about her now-defunct relationship. While she didn’t respond, the 37-year-old had no problem posting videos of her meeting fans in the arrivals lounge in which featured the comments could clearly be heard in the background.

The heiress and businesswoman was in Australia to launch her new scent Platinum Rush Photo: Getty Images

Sources close to Paris exclusively tell HOLA! USA that not only has actor and model Chris asked for the return of the 20-carat pear-shaped diamond ring that sealed the deal, he is also considering suing his ex-fiancée. He would seek upwards of $2million to prevent Paris from speaking of him publicly, as well as for the value of expensive gifts and property he had given to her during their relationship.

The Leftovers star Chris – who has also been seen on the big screen in The Amazing Spider-man – is apparently worth an estimated $10million, while Paris earns something in the region of $40-50million per year.

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