Travis Scott surprised Kylie Jenner with a mansion full of red roses, and it was epic!

It was a typical Tuesday night for Kylie Jenner with the slight exception that her entire home was invaded with red roses. The 21-year-old took to Instagram to share a video of the inside of her home brimming with the flower of love and dimly lighted with candles. Though it’s unclear if there was a special occasion, it’s obvious it was a (very) romantic gesture from her boyfriend (or husband?), Travis Scott, 26. Kylie captioned the clip with, “Hell of a way to end the night,” which is a reference to her beau’s song, Hell of a night




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If you’ve been following along then you know this isn’t the first time the father of her baby girl Stormi has surprised her with a magnitude of flowers. A few weeks ago, Kylie posted a similar video on social media and wrote, “Just because flowers are the best kind, thank u hubby,” which also hints at the fact that perhaps they secretly tied the knot. This wouldn’t come as a surprise being Kylie loves to keep secrets as she did with her pregnancy. Another floral surprise took place on her 21st birthday back in August.  


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The Life’s A Trip rapper welcomed her with hundreds of roses in the front yard and walkway. However, that was only the beginning of an even bigger surprise as he also casually gifted her a classic Rolls Royce from the ‘50s. Fast forward to his 26th birthday where Kylie rented out Six Flags–no big deal. Apparently, he had never been before and the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings made sure to make his birthday one to remember by renting out the entire place.It’s no secret that Kylie and her man live a lavish lifestyle. But can you blame them? 


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The Kylie Cosmetics founder herself is a billionaire, and with that comes a lot of fancy stuff. In case you need another reminder of the young parents’ riches, the two are co-owners of a gorgeous $13.4 million mansion one can only dream of in Beverly Hills. It’s a stunning seven-bedroom home that’s perfect for growing a family. The couple also seems to be obsessed with cars. They both own matching Lamborghinis, and as a “push present” instead of giving her a sentimental piece of jewelry, he gave her a black Ferrari LaFerrari that’s only worth $1.4 million dollars. With the Holidays quickly approaching, we can’t even what their gift exchange will look like!

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