Alec and Hilaria Baldwin welcome HOLA! USA into their home for exclusive meeting with baby Romeo

The Baldwins are back for the latest edition of HOLA! USA and this time as a party of six! Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin let us inside of their home once again for an exclusive meeting with their latest addition Romeo. Since the little one’s arrival in May, things have gotten a little crazier for the bunch, but in a good way. Hilaria, 34, and Alec, 60, are balancing home life with their children, Carmen, five, Rafael, three and two-year-old Leonardo, and their careers. And that juggling act in itself is another full-time job!

The couple introduce their newest family member in the new issue of HOLA! USA and reveal all about their 'chaotic' home life

"It’s like one continuous thing," yoga instructor Hilaria said. "By 6 a.m. everybody’s up, and it’s hectic. I'm in the bathtub with the kids, trying to get everybody ready." The Baldwinitos are one team, and Hilaria's top priority is making sure everyone makes it to work and school on time. "Carmen is off to kindergarten, Rafa is going to preschool, and I’m with Leo and Romeo. I also work on a podcast.”

For more with the adorable clan, pick up the latest edition of the magazine, which is available to subscribers from October 25 and hits newsstands on November 2.

Alec and Hilaria’s tribe consist of four little personalities, who unsurprisingly take after their parents. "Alec and I are very, very different, but we're similar in some ways," she shared. "We’re both very dramatic; we're very strong-willed; we're kind of loud. I think that our kids, especially Carmen, are very much like us. With my husband, she likes to sit down and watch something. She has the capacity to be able to sit down and complete something— where I'll do it if I have to, but I don’t want to." 

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She continued: "Alec is very good at that. Our boys are climbing on everything—I feel that's very me." With all of the milestones this year has brought the clan, one thing is important and that is maintaining traditions. The Spanish beauty and the Boss Baby actor feel it's important to make sure their children have mastered both of their mother tongues.

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Hilaria and Alec talk about life at home balancing careers and four little personalities 

"Our kids, especially the older ones, who speak more, are fully bilingual," Alec said. "My wife speaks Spanish in the house and Carmen is in a school which is a full language immersion.” He continued: "The concern and the passion that my wife has—and me too—for two languages is essential. We make the utmost effort. This is a priority for my wife—Spanish is fundamental."

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