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Kim Kardashian tells Alec Baldwin why she is 'grateful' for Paris robbery

Kim Kardashian got candid with Alec Baldwin about life after her Paris robbery. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star appeared on The Alec Baldwin Show, where she discussed the long road to feeling like “herself” again, two years after the incident. “In the last three months, I feel like I’ve come out of my shell a little bit more,” she said during the show’s season premiere on Sunday. "I was never depressed, but I wasn’t motivated to get up and work like I used to. It shook me.”

Kim Kardashian appeared on The Alec Baldwin Show Photo: Instagram/@thealecbaldwinshow

She continued: “I was literally – my mom – had to come over and say ‘Will you get out of bed? Will you put on something else other than sweats? Put on a little bit of makeup, feel like yourself again.” The 38-year-old was famously held at gunpoint while staying at a hotel during Paris Fashion Week in 2016. The social media maven was gagged and tied up as masked men stole millions of dollar’s worth of jewelry, including a $4 million ring.

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Kim noted that her flashy social media presence is partially to blame for the heist. “I’m totally a realist,” she told Alec. “So, I know, you post on social media your locations, your jewelry, your bags, what you’re doing, where you’re going, your cars, your stuff. I would always talk about my stuff. There was a lot of me that measured who I was by how much I had.”

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Kim, who is mother to North, five, Saint, two, and nine-month-old Chicago, shared that she lived in fear of people knowing her location and making herself vulnerable again. “I thought ‘Oh, I’m worth so much.’ So that changed in me," she said. "And that needed to change in me, so I’m grateful for the experience.”

The KKW Beauty maven was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016 Photo: Getty Images

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While she has gotten her life back to where it once was, Kim has made various changes to make sure she is never in that situation again. “Now my life is six security [guards] outside of our house at all times and a few security when I travel, always 24/7 outside of my door.” she said. “I just move totally different now.”

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