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Michelle Obama gets real about experiencing ‘senior year drama’ with daughter Sasha

Michelle Obama chose International Day of the Girl to celebrate her daughters. The former first lady of the United States appeared on Today and opened up about being in the middle of senior year drama with her and Barack’s 17-year-old daughter Sasha. “We’ve got one kid in college. One on the way,” the 54-year-old shared. “We have a senior in high school, so it’s all the drama that goes with it. Senior year is quite intense because it’s testing, it’s applications, it’s grades. We’re riding that wave with our senior.”

Michelle Obama opened up about her youngest daughter's road to college Photo: Getty Images 

Michelle, who also shares 20-year-old Harvard student Malia with her husband, said that while their two girls faced the pressures of the political spotlight, she is pleased with the women they have become. "They’re doing well,” she said. “I’m so proud of them. They are some of the reasons why this issue means so much to me. I think about what it means for them to have their voice heard and to come out of those eight years confident and poised.”

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She continued: “It’s tough growing up in the public eye and they spent the majority of their life in the international spotlight with all the criticisms and the judgment. Now we’re in the era of social media where every little thing gets blown out of proportion.” When it comes to her daughters' personalities, Michelle notes that the former first daughters don’t have the egos that could sometimes come with growing up on the world stage.

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They are down to earth; they are humble,” she said. “They are normal and it has been a huge relief. It took me several months in the White House before I could take a deep breath because I knew that this transition wasn’t going to take them out.” The Becoming author reflected on the moment ahead of her husband’s presidency when she knew her girls would be able to navigate their new life – and how their time in the White House had a positive impact on them.

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"I just thought, 'What are we doing to them,’ and I just prayed and hoped and thanked God that they are good and it’s because of the love of so many people in their lives. So, they are on the other end and I am so proud of them, they’re doing well.” The former first lady announced her Global Girls Alliance initiative, which will focus on education for girls around the world. Inspired by being a mother.

The former first lady announced her latest initiative for girls education Photo: Getty Images 

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“The stats show that when you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community, a country. It makes no sense that the strength of our family, girls and women are not getting educated.”

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