Jennifer Garner and daughter rescued while kayaking in Sweden: Watch her tell the hilarious story!

Jennifer Garner merely wanted to treat her eldest child Violet to a sweet mother-daughter trip to Sweden, but nature had its own plans. The Peppermint star recalled a wild moment from their recent getaway while chatting with Jimmy Fallon for The Tonight Show on Wednesday, September 5. It seems the pair ventured into dangerous waters during what was meant to be a quick and breezy kayak excursion on the summer vacation. Jimmy and his in-studio audience were on the edge of their seat as the 46-year-old A-lister unveiled the epic tale.

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Jennifer Garner told a wild tale while on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Photo: Instagram/@jennifer.garner

The mom-of-three prefaced her lighthearted story by informing everyone that Violet fell in love with the country while working on a year-end project for sixth grade. As a reward for all of her research on the Scandinavian nation, Jennifer wanted to give her a memorable indulgence. “She was so into it that I just said, ‘you know what, I’m gonna to take you for four or five days to Sweden just the two of us," she told Jimmy.

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Jennifer and Violet got into some trouble on a kayak in Sweden Photo: Instagram/@jennifer.garner

While in the Nordic land, the twosome embarked on what was supposed to be a ten-minute kayak ride. “An hour later, we were not back,” Jennifer said, “and not only that, all of a sudden, there were huge bridges going over, there were big boats, and it [the river] went from very small to quite wide.” That’s when Violet spoke up!

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Their savior Mattias! Photo: Instagram/@jennifer.garner

“Violet said, ‘Mom, there’s a stoplight in the water.’ There’s a stoplight, and through the stoplight, it’s a loch to the ocean,” the actress added. “And so then, we start feeling a current pulling us to the ocean! I’m with my baby!” She tried to keep her daughter calm saying, “I just was like, ‘La la la. Let’s sing Mamma Mia. We’re in Sweden’”.

Luckily, Jennifer had a phone on her and was able to call the adventure company who just told her to turn around. “Suddenly, we saw this blond human with the sun behind him like a halo, and he was coming to our rescue. He showed up, and he led us back. And his name was Mattias!” Beaming, she added: “I’ll never forget Mattias. He saved us. He did.”

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