Kelly Rowland with her son Titan

Kelly Rowland on her candid mom talks with Serena Williams and how her son is growing up too fast

Kelly Rowland has likely performed for millions of people since her start in Destiny’s Child in the 1990s to now, but there was one person that she sang for that really moved her in a completely different way – her son Titan. “The first time he saw me perform, I was touring Australia,” she tells HOLA! USA. “I came off the stage, and I was walking to my dressing room and he goes, ‘Mommy, you did so good, I’m so proud of you.’ I’ll never forget that moment.” More recently, the three-year-old witnessed his mom once again, this time singing along with Destiny's Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Beyoncé during Coachella in April, which had the Queen Bey headlining.

 Kelly and Tim's son Titan has traveled the world watching his mom Photo: Instagram/@kellyrowland

“He just loves Say My Name,” Kelly, who recently launched Clorox’s latest initiative with which supports teachers and classrooms across America, shares. “He doesn’t even know that it’s Auntie Mimi and Auntie BB and mom singing together. He didn’t know any of that until he saw us. And I’ll never forget waving to him from the Coachella stage and how he just looked at me with so much pride. Those are the moments you live for.”


The 37-year-old is now gearing up for another unforgettable moment – sending her and Tim Witherspoon’s son to school for a full day. “We’ve gone over his school clothes; we got his bag ready,” the Motivation singer says. “Mommy probably did it too early so he is asking me questions. He is really excited.”

Titan loved watching his mom, Auntie Mimi and BB at Coachella Photo: Instagram/@kellyrowland

While Titan, who will turn four in November, can’t wait for school, his mom isn’t sure how she feels about him being away. “I am going to know in that third hour," the Whoa, Baby! A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out (and Wonder What the #*$& Just Happened) author admits. “I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself with all that time.”

Hopefully the self-professed germaphobe won’t be focusing on what illnesses her son could catch in school. “There’s enough stuff going around, and with the school year, you have to be prepared,” added Kelly, who revealed she always has Clorox wipes in her purse! “You just want them to have the best school year and not miss any days.”

 Kelly Rowland gifted Serena her book about motherhood to which the tennis star couldn't believe what was written! Photo: Instagram/@kellyrowland

If she does have any mom concerns, she has a core group of women she has on her speed dial. “I’m texting La [La La Anthony], I’m texting Solange, and I’m texting my cousin back home. They have boys; I ask them all the boy questions,” she notes. “They are doing this thing right.”

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And Kelly is now also returning the favor, not only for moms everywhere with her book, but also for tennis superstar and her bestie Serena Williams, whose daughter Alexis Olympia turns one on September 1. “I gave Serena the book before, and I remember she called me literally every day with questions. I was so happy,” she shares. “It was more so, 'Did this REALLY happen?' She’d read and say, ‘No you’re joking, that’s not what really happens’… I said, ‘I love you – I said I was going to be honest. That’s what happens!’ I think motherhood is such a blessing, and it’s been the most amazing ride of my life.”

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