Alejandra Espinoza co-stars with her husband and son in a special HOLA! USA photo shoot

The stunning TV host talks love at first sight, beauty queens and her big plans for the future

Alejandra Espinoza posed exclusively with her choreographer husband Aníbal Marrero and her young son Matteo for the pages of HOLA! USA. In the emotional interview, which is accompanied by a stunning photo shoot, the first queen of Nuestra Belleza Latina spoke to us straight from the heart about the loves of her life and the career goals that she's striving to bring to fruition. "My dream is to act, but before doing it, what I've always wanted is to prepare myself, to be ready."

Ale, who hails from Tijuana, will be back on TV screens to present the new edition of NBL, the same program that launched her into stardom. "It's a blessing, I couldn't be any happier, it's as if they were giving me another crown. The only difference is that this time I feel a little more prepared." The new version of the reality show has as its motto: 'No sizes, no limits and no excuses' and aims to find a new beauty queen who breaks all the stereotypes that we've always seen on TV.

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"I couldn't be happier," Alejandra told us as she posed for our exclusive photo shoot Photo: HOLA! USA

The Univisión presenter also revealed that with son Matteo it was a instant true love – although it was a slower process that led her to fall madly for her husband. "I remember when I saw Matteo (on March 11, 2015) and I remember when I met Aníbal, and it was different. With Matteo it was love at first sight, something I had never felt before. With my husband, I liked him, but it wasn't love at first sight. On the other hand, he tells me he has felt the same thing twice in his life: when he saw me and when he saw Matteo. For me it wasn't, but that doesn't mean that I love him less. I love him the same."

In the interview, she describes husband Aníbal as "incredible" and talks love at first sight with three-year-old son Matteo Photo: HOLA! USA

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To read the full interview with Alejandra, in which she tells us more about her acting plans, gives advice for women vying for the Nuestra Belleza Latina crown and more sweet details about her family life, see the September issue of HOLA! USA, available now to subscribers and at newsstands from August 10.

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