Amy Adams apologizes for accidentally doing this to Jennifer Aniston and Christina Applegate

Among many things, Amy Adams is an award-winning actress, a loving mom to 8-year-old daughter Aviana Olea Le Gallo and now, it seems, a celebrity pocket-dialer! While out promoting her new HBO series Sharp Objects, the 43-year-old star took a moment to publicly say sorry to the fellow famous people she’s been inadvertently calling. “I do need to apologize to a couple of people,” she said during a taping at NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. “I’ve been meaning to do it over several shows and appearances.” Amy then went on to hilariously reveal the stars that she’s been repeatedly calling by mistake.

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Stars are just like us! Amy Adams apologized for a relatable mistake she's made Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Christina Applegate, she’s at the top of my call list and I have fat cheeks and I keep accidentally calling her when I smile during other phone calls,” Amy said as the audience giggled. “And then I don’t say anything and hang up and it’s really rude. It’s been like 300 times over the course of like two months.” The A-lister admitted that she hangs up before Christina can say anything and “it’s not nice – I apologize.”


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Amy looked lovely in a rose-covered frock while in NYC Photo: GC Images

She went on to unveil the other Hollywood icon who she’s unintentionally reached out to. “I think I also face-timed Jen Aniston on accident too, from my bed,” she continued to say to Seth and the crowd. Although, it appears she may be in the clear on that one: “I’m not sure if it connected so who knows what happened there.”


Assessing the funny issue at hand, Seth said: “So here’s the thing, both of them, I think, probably have assumed you’re calling them by accident.” “After about 30 times, I would imagine,” Amy replied, laughing. “But now that you’ve admitted it on TV the next time you do it, they’re gonna be like ‘she knows she’s doing this!’” the host concluded.

Fortunately, it looks like Amy has a plan just in case this happens again. “I’m gonna say hi next time! I don’t know why I lose my courage. I’ve wanted to apologize, so there. I’m very, very sorry. It’s very rude.” The Italy-born talent looked lovely during the show with her red locks flowing down as she wore a sweet rose-covered summer dress and black strap heels.

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