Lin-Manuel Miranda announces multi-million dollar arts fund for Puerto Rico

Lin-Manuel Miranda is keeping the spirit of Puerto Rico alive with the arts. The Hamilton creator announced on Sunday, July 22, that he has created the Flamboyán Arts Fund to aid in the arts programs that have suffered since Hurricane Maria. “Many artist and arts organizations on the island are under resourced, others are barely making it, but they do what they can to survive, in spite of the economic situation, in Puerto Rico before and after Hurricane Maria” he wrote in a note posted on Twitter.”


lin-manuel-miranda-arts-fundVIEW GALLERY Lin-Manuel Miranda has created the Flamboyán Arts Fund to aid arts programs in Puerto Rico Photo: Getty Images 

“My dad says that in Puerto Rico, 'la gente hace de tripas, carazones.' The Hamilton team, my family and the Flamboyán Foundation have joined forces to do whatever we can in supporting the arts, and all our proceeds from Hamilton’s PR run with go towards this effort.” The program will provide a series of grants to cultural institutions, dance companies, independent artist and more to the island that suffered an estimated $100 billion in damages, as a result of last year's devastating storm. 

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Hamilton’s Puerto Rico run in 2019 will play a major part in raising money for the foundation. On Monday, the Tick, Tick…Boom! director opened up about his idea to directly contribute all of the show’s proceeds to the program. “The goal is basically as Puerto Rico slowly recovers from Hurricane Maria and gets back on its feet, not to leave behind the artist,” he said during his appearance on Today.

lin-manuel-miranda-hamiltonVIEW GALLERY All of the proceeds from Hamilton's Puerto Rico run will go towards the foundation Photo: Getty Images 

“They are always the ones that are not a part of the conversation when it comes to recovery. When it comes to employment. So, we are starting with a round of grands. And every penny that gets made at Hamilton will go to revive the arts.”

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Although Lin understands that they are still many parts of the island that need help, he explained that the arts programs are equally important to recovery. “This is another need,” he said. “It’s so important to get a sense of normalcy in the island. The arts are a part of that. That’s an importance job sector and it’s important to the life blood of the island.”

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