Shakira’s tour merchandise Nazi symbol

After facing backlash, Live Nation has clarified that Shakira’s tour merchandise resembling a Nazi symbol was unintentional. The item in question, which is no longer being sold, was a gold necklace that bore a similarity to the Neo-Nazi Black Sun, also known as the Schwarze Sonne in German. “The necklace Live Nation designed for Shakira’s El Dorado World Tour was based on Pre-Columbian imagery,” Live Nation said in a statement shared on Twitter.

A necklace has been pulled off of Shakira's online store after it was compared to a Nazi symbol Photo: Simone Joyner/Getty Images

They added, “However some fans have expressed concern that the design bears an unintentional resemblance to Neo-Nazi imagery. We sincerely apologize for this inadvertent similarity and have permanently pulled the item from the tour collection.”


The piece of merchandise prompted one Twitter user to write, “So Shakira most likely accidentally put a nazi symbol on her tour merch and didn’t know it lmao.” Meanwhile another came to Shakira’s defense tweeting, “Just saw news about Shakira's gaff regarding her posting a necklace for sale with a symbol used by Nazis. I've seen that symbol from pre-Columbian (sp.) artifacts from Hopi to Chibcha of Colombia (where Shakira is from) - representing spiritual growth.”



According to USA Today, the Black Sun, which was inspired by ancient occult symbols, "was incorporated into a mosaic on the floor of Wewelsburg Castle in western Germany -- the ideological home base of Heinrich Himmler and the SS." German outlet Bento first reported the El Dorado tour necklace’s resemblance to the Nazi symbol. Shakira's gold jewelry piece featured the words: “Shakira El Dorado World Tour.” The Colombian singer kicked off her world tour earlier this month in Germany after postponing due to a vocal cord hemorrhage.

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