Kim Kardashian conversation with Twitter's co-founder

Kim Kardashian's latest mission could take Twitter to another level

Kim Kardashian is both a woman of the people and social media. The social media maven is lobbying for Twitter to add an edit button. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared with her 60 million followers that she personally spoke to co-founder Jack Dorsey about the issue. “I had a very good convo with @jack this weekend at Kanye’s bday,” she tweeted on Wednesday. “And I think he really heard me out on the edit button.” Jack, who founded the site in 2006 with Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, responded to Kim with a hilarious response.

Kim Kardashian had a conversation with Twitter's co-founder about adding an edit feature Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

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“Now I see why I was invited,” he tweeted. In which the beauty mogul tweeted back: “Hahaha never! Kanye loves you! But I had to bring it up.” Kim’s latest initiative comes after she spent time in the Oval Office with President Donald Trump on May 30 to discuss commuting the life sentence of Alice Johnson – for a first time non-violent drug offense. Days after their discussion, the 63-year-old was informed by Kim that she would be released from prison after over two decades.

The KKW Beauty mogul has over 60 million followers on the social network Photo: Getty Images 

Kim, who took over the clemency mission after seeing Alice’s story on Twitter, is set to travel to Alabama to meet with Alice this week. Last year, the mother-of-three opened up about the power of social media to hear other people’s stories. “I think that social media has allowed me to have relationships with people from across the world in different countries that I never thought that I would have,” she told Mashable. “Fans that I talk to, that I love their feedback. I love using social media as a marketing tool. It's basically free focus groups that you can really see what people like. It's always like having that ear and eye out.”

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