Maluma in Russia for the 2018 World Cup

Maluma takes over Russia (and breaks a few rules on the field) ahead of the World Cup

Maluma is living his World Cup dreams – and breaking a few of the rules. The 24-year-old showed off his talents on the soccer field in Moscow, Russia on Wednesday. The singer took to his Instagram stories to show his fans that he hasn’t lost his footing on the field – even though he's now a musician. “I did not forget,” he captioned the video on his story that shows him running, dribbling and shooting drills inside of a practice facility. The Corázon singer dressed in an all-white Adidas uniform, complete with his silver drop earring, which would not be allowed if he was actually playing a real game.

Maluma has been showing off his soccer skills in Moscow Photo: Getty Images 

The previous day, the Clandestino singer got fancy as he hit the field with the Mexican national team. Maluma, and his earring, faced off against goalie Jesús Corona in a penalty shot challenge. Soccer players Marco Fabían and Carlos Salcedo celebrated with the singer after he managed to get a shot in the goal.

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After the practice run, Maluma proudly took selfies with fans and members of the team before he was presented with an official jersey. “Long live Latin America,” he told the national team. “We are here at the World Cup. They are my Mexican partners. Thanks for your love, it has been very important for me. I wish you the best in the World Cup.”

The Colombian superstar, who arrived in Russia on Tuesday with his girlfriend Natalia Barulich, has been having fun in the country and documenting his experience every step of the way. Although he isn’t competing professionally, he still plays a special part in the global competition. In April, Maluma joined Jason Derulo for the promotional anthem, Colors. A moment the star says helped fulfill his dreams of attending the global competition. 

Maluma has been enjoying his time in Russia ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Photo: Instagram/@maluma 


“I had a heart attack for like four minutes, then I woke up and I jumped for joy,” he told Billboard about getting the call to perform during the competition. “I always dreamed of going to a World Cup when I played soccer. That’s what any soccer player dreams of. Due to fate, God’s plan, whatever you want to call it, I went into a music studio for the first time and started singing songs. That’s where I decided to say goodbye to soccer and start this beautiful career in music.”

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