Richard Gere, Mother Father Son

Richard Gere to return to television after nearly 30 years

'I’m so pleased to be working now with the BBC on this extraordinary project', he said

Richard Gere is making his return to television. After nearly 30 years away from the small screen, the 68-year-old will star in the BBC drama MotherFatherSon. “It’s been almost 30 years since I worked on television,” Richard said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter. “I’m so pleased to be working now with the BBC on this extraordinary eight-hour project with such talented people and which resonates so much to the time we live in.” In the series, the Pretty Woman actor will star alongside Helen McCroy (Peaky Blinders) and Billy Howle (Witness of Prosecution).

Richard Gere will return to TV after nearly 30 years Photo: Getty Images

Richard will play an American businessman, Max, who has media outlets around the world. Helen will play his ex-wife and British heiress, Kathryn. Max and Kathryn are dealing with the perils of their 30-year-old son (played by Billy), who runs his father’s UK newspaper and is set to follow in his father’s footsteps as one of the most powerful men in the world – but his self-destructive lifestyle threatens the future of the family, it’s empire and a country awaiting change. 


The series’ creator and writer Tom Rob Smith opened up to the Hollywood Reporter about casting Richard saying: “Telling this story was always going to depend upon gathering an extraordinary cast. Richard Gere has starred in some of the most famous movies of all time. His roles are iconic and complex.”

The actor recently married Alejandra Silva Photo: Getty Images

MotherFatherSon will begin filming this summer in London and on location in Spain — the home of Richard’s wife Alejandra Silva. While Richard's co-stars are familiar with his Hollywood status, his on-screen daughter Jennifer Morrison was not.


"I think it was lucky that I was so young, because I wasn’t intimidated,” Jennifer told Entertainment Weekly about working with Richard and Sharon Stone on 1994's Instersection. “Their movies were all R-rated, so I had no point of reference for how famous Richard Gere was or how famous Sharon Stone was at the time – so I was definitely just hanging out, like it was totally normal to chill with Richard Gere and Sharon Stone when I was 13.”

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