Alejandra Silva: 'I arrived in a tuk tuk to the ceremony. Richard was driving!'

They said their “I dos” in a civil ceremony in early April

First they said their “I dos” in a civil ceremony in early April... but the real celebration, the one full of family and emotion, spirituality, joy, romance and meaning, is the one we share with you. On his ranch on the outskirts of New York City, on the shore of the beautiful lake on his property, Richard Gere married Alejandra Silva. This Spanish “pretty woman” and she is pretty and Spanish – though the only thing she resembles of the famous film’s character is that he is crazy in love with her – and the movie star said “yes” to a life together. They also said “yes” to becoming happy every day, “yes” to respect, forgiveness, understanding, helping, “yes” to start a new family together, to help those most in need and to make their commitment last longer than this life.

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They did it before their two families, already joined as one. Curiously, Alejandra’s father, a businessman and the manager of Real Madrid, was a friend of the American star. Her mother, Paola García-Baquero, her sister, Blanca Silva, her cousin Paola, who received the bride’s bouquet, Alejandra Rojas, Lorena Urbistondo, Yanira Larisch, make-up artist Eduardo Jiménez, the great chef Éric Ripert and the great writer Jonathan Cott, were among those invited to the celebration full of magic and love. Alejandra Silva spoke to HOLA! USA exclusively about the details of her romantic wedding.

India in New York

How did you prepare your New York ranch? 

To give you an idea, we brought India to New York with tents brought from Jaipur, all of different colors. We had two wonderful wedding planers from the “Maison fete”, Brett and Deanna. It was all decorated with Tibetan flags, and between magnolias and cherry trees in flower, this place is so wonderful that it doesn’t need much decoration... Nature participated in all its glory!

How did you arrive to the ceremony?

In a tuk tuk. Richard was driving! It was very funny since nobody expected it!

What did Richard say when he saw you in your wedding dress?

That I was the most spectacular woman he had ever seen...

And what did you say to him?

I could not stop smiling! I was very nervous ... I Love you

Who married you?

A person very special to us, who is an important priest in our religion. How was the ceremony? The ceremony was beautiful. We exchanged rings that our children brought to us. It was very exciting! Any tears? I have to confess that yes ... big tears.


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