Queen Elizabeth's life lesson that Angelina Jolie is teaching her kids

While they might come from different worlds, Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth share commons interest like environmental conservation. In the upcoming ITV documentary titled The Queen’s Green Planet, the Oscar-winning actress spoke about the lesson she’s learned from the 91-year-old monarch that she is teaching her kids, as well as a trip she took to Namibia with her six children to highlight forest conservation in Africa. "For us to come here and say to the children, ‘This is why it’s important to plant a tree,’ that’s the biggest message I can teach my kids, and it’s something that they’ve certainly learned from Her Majesty and her message,” the 42-year-old shared.


Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth VIEW GALLERY Angelina and Queen Elizabeth share a passion for environmental conservation Photo: Anthony Devlin - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Angelina admitted that her children — Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 11, Knox, nine, and Vivienne, nine — initially wondered why planting trees is important to Her Majesty. “They ask me, ‘Why is it so important to her?’ You know when you sit up at night in a tent with your kids and they say, ‘Why does the Queen of England care about planting trees in Africa?’” Brad Pitt’s ex said.

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“What it comes down to is you say to the kids, ‘You know really, you don’t know her, you can’t understand all that it means to be a Queen and all that. But you try to say, ‘You know she’s just this really lovely lady who really cares about people around the world, and she really cares about the future, and she wants your grandkids and her grandkids to be able to be running around, enjoying nature and other cultures, and the importance of other cultures,’” Angelina continued. “She thinks that really matters and I agree with her.”

Angelina Jolie children Queen ElizabethVIEW GALLERY The actress revealed that she is teaching her kids a lesson learned from Queen Elizabeth Photo: STR/AFP/Getty Images

The documentary, which airs in the UK on April 16, focuses on the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy, an initiative that began in 2015 as a network of forest conservation programs throughout the Commonwealth of Nations. Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth met back in 2014. At the time, Her Majesty made the Hollywood star an honorary dame at Buckingham Palace for her services to UK foreign policy and her campaign to end war zone sexual violence. "To receive an honor related to foreign policy means a great deal to me, as it is what I wish to dedicate my working life to," Angelina said of the honor.

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