Gina Rodriguez kicked off her weekend on an exciting note, sharing that she has officially wrapped up filming for season four of her hit show Jane the Virgin. Taking to Instagram stories to tell her fans the news, the 33-year-old actress giddily danced in her trailer on Friday, March 23. “It’s my last day on Jane – last day on season four!” she sang to the camera. The CW star then sealed the deal with a kiss, as her boyfriend Joe LoCicero entered the frame. “And my babies back!” she exclaimed. Riding on her enthusiasm, the talent then proudly announced another piece of news.


Gina Rodriguez and her boyfriend Joe shared a sweet celebratory kiss in her trailer Photo: Instagram/@GinaRodriguez

“What up, ya’ll? I got some real exciting news! Real exciting!” she said while walking on set. “Justin Baldoni’s directorial debut tonight on Jane the Virgin – check it out!” Gina cheered on her co-star and on-screen love adding: “That’s my boy… Congratulations, Justin:  you did a remarkable job!” The Golden Globe-winner also shared an Instagram dedicated to him.

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Justin isn’t the only cast member to take a turn in the director’s chair. Gina, herself, had her “first experience directing” on the hit show this season. Along with a cute on-set photo of her, she wrote on Twitter: “As a woman of color and the star of the show I found it both challenging and invigorating! I can and I did! Just the beginning.”

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Jane the Virgin wrapped filmed on season four Photo: Instagram/@GinaRodriguez

During the Create & Cultivate and Fossil's Women to Watch event at SXSW, Gina expressed her hopes to direct more episodes of Jane the Virgin next year, which she surprisingly referred to as the “final season." Fans were saddened to learn that they may be saying goodbye to Jane sooner than expected. While Gina didn't elaborate on her comment, she shared the impact that the comedy's success has had. "What is so amazing about Jane the Virgin isn't just that Jane is a Latina, but she's a woman," she said. "You can never tell us that we are not profitable. You can never tell us that people do not want to see our stories."

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