Star of Maluma's 'El Préstamo' reveals what the singer is really like

Jenny Watwood has more eyes on her than ever before – thanks to being the leading lady in Maluma's El Préstamo, which now has over 80 million views. The 27-year-old model is the Colombian superstar’s counterpart, where she plays the Bonnie to his Clyde. “It was actually pretty amazing,” Jenny tells HOLA! USA. “I didn’t know who he was when I first got the job. Then I Googled him and was like ‘Wow, this guy is incredible.’ Then I met him on set, he was humble and very sweet, kind and very professional. So for me the experience as a whole was amazing.

Keep reading to see how the duo managed to get through those action and romantic scenes, what their significant others thought as well as what exciting things are coming up in Jenny's life –maybe part two to the video.


Jenny WatwoodVIEW GALLERY Jenny appears in Maluma's El Préstamo video Photo: Jenny Watwood

HOLA! USA: Congrats on  the recent success. Over 80 million people have watched the video, are you getting recognized more?
"It's definitely different because I’m getting more of a Latin following now, which is pretty cool. I did a TV show in Italy and had a lot of Italian followers. Now, I have a lot more of a Latin crowd that’s posting me and tagging me in all the Maluma things, and I have fan pages that are in Spanish."

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How was it shooting the action scenes? Did you guys help each other through it?
"The storyline was amazing and we got to do all of our own stunts. Drive cars really fast, shoot guns out of a moving vehicle and pretend to rob a bank – so it was a completely fun experience. We were kind of nervous, both of us, so we both were kind of prepping each other for it like 'You can do it, you can do it.'"

Jenny Watwood Maluma YouTubeVIEW GALLERY El Préstamo has gained over 80 million views on Youtube

You guys also have some steamier scenes. Were you nervous for those? 
"[Laughs] My boyfriend read the layout of the film before we started and he was okay with it. He was a little nervous at first. With [Maluma], it was just work, and he was such a nice person so I wasn’t nervous. But his girlfriend [Natalia Barulich] ended up coming on set the next day – she wanted to check on some things I think. [laughs]"

How did you prepare for the video? 
"So everything in the modeling and acting world is last minute. I got the treatment and then was on the plane within two hours. It was so fast, I didn’t have anytime to prepare."

Jenny Watwood HOLA! USAVIEW GALLERY Jenny has gained a larger Latin following since the video's relelase Photo: Jenny Watwood

What's next for you in 2018?
"I am writing a TV show with one of my girlfriends, so we are in the process of pitching that. It's so good, because it’s empowering women all over the world and with everything that’s been going on in the acting industry I think it’s appropriate for women to start writing and really upping their game. I’m collaborating with a leather line to make really high fashion, very comfortable and useful clothing for motorcycles. I realized there’s not very much fashion in the motorcycle industry for females, so I'm creating a line for that."

The video says "to be continued," can we see a part two? 
"Nothing set in stone right now. Maybe soon we will find out if there is a part two."


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