Adrienne Bailon on expanding her family and the perfect work-life balance

Adrienne Bailon has mastered the art of the work-life balance. The 34-year-old is all about family and finding ways that she can include her husband Israel Houghton and four stepchildren Mariah, Milan, Sonny and Jordan, in life outside of the home. Now, with her latest gig co-hosting Showtime at the Apollo with Steve Harvey her family takes a front seat while she helps the contestants' dreams come true. "When I heard about it I was like 'I love that," she tells HOLA! USA.


adrienne-bailon-steve-harvey-apolloVIEW GALLERY Adrienne Bailon will co-host Showtime at the Apollo with Steve Harvey Photo: FOX

She adds, "It's something I can maybe bring them with me and that's really what I get excited about, it's things that I can do for work that involve my family." This year is set to bring a lot of change for the entertainer, who tied the knot with the award-winning gospel singer in 2016, including the idea of growing their family. "We have a family, so extending that," The Real host says. "The kids are like 'have a baby, we want a younger sibling.' I just love family time. I want to have a big family."  Keep reading for more about Adrienne's vision of motherhood and how she is bringing her own flair to the iconic competition show.

HOLA! USA: Congrats on Showtime at the Apollo. What was it like to find out that you would be joining the show?
Adrienne Bailon: "I think just being able to be a part of such an iconic show is such an honor. I grew up watching the show. I would stay up until the wee hours on a Saturday night, and would watch it." 

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H!: How are you keeping it traditional but adding a modern twist to the competition?
"I think it's awesome that now we actually get to find out who these people are. I think that everybody has a story to tell." 

H! Have you ever attended a taping or performed on the legendary stage?
"I did, and I actually got a chance to perform on the show when I was 14-year-old with 3LW. This is like life coming full circle for me. I'm a native New Yorker so I know what New York is about, we keep it real. I think that's what makes the show so special and so authentic and so raw, and honest." 

adrienne-bailon-israel-houghton-kidsVIEW GALLERY The Real host says that her new gig at Showtime at the Apollo is something for her entire family Photo: Instagram/@adriennebailon

H! Did you find yourself giving the contestants any advice?
"I need to add motivational speaker to my resume these days! I think the main thing is telling them to stay calm, stay confident, believe in the gift that they have. I think a lot of it has to do with knowing that you are a winner regardless. Even people who have lost  this was a launching pad for them. Lauryn Hill lost on the show. She was booed off the stage. It actually prepares artist and performers for what this industry is really like. You're going to get told no a whole lot of times, you're going to get booed a whole lot of times but you keep your head up and you keep going."


H! The show is for sure for family, did your husband and stepchildren have a chance to attend any tapings?
"They actually were with me the whole time when we shot in New York, it was amazing. They actually sat in the audience for multiple shows. One time the audience would not stop booing. The camera pans to the audience, and I see my family. I was like 'You can't boo my acts!' They got into it. That's what I'm most excited about, it's families coming together and having fun."

H! I know you mentioned expanding your family this year, is that still in the plans or has anything put it off?
"No, it's still in the future. I think timing is everything. I think for myself it wasn't an immediate rush, like 'Oh we're starting today.' For me, it was more so starting to plan. I think ideally getting pregnant sometime this summer would be ideal because then I would give birth during hiatus and then actually get to spend time at home with the newborn."

adrienne-bailon-israel-houghtonVIEW GALLERY Adrienne and Israel have been married since 2016 Photo: Getty Images 

H! When thinking about family, what kind of mother will you be? 
"I just know that having a child is going to be life changing for me. I can't assume or guess in my right mind right now what I'm going to be like as a parent. I know that the day that I actually hold a child in my arms or carry a baby in my stomach, I will never be the same."

H! You're a woman of many hats, with The Real, Apollo and other projects, how do you balance it all?
"I think leaving work life at work. At this point in my career and in my life, I find it refreshing to not have to say yes to everything and every opportunity that comes along. I do the things I want to do. What I love doing is being able to say "No I can't do that, I'm going to the movies with my kids. I'm going on a date with my husband.' I'm really, really loving that right now and I think my ambition has even changed." 

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