As the Times Square ball dropped on New Year’s Eve, Camila Cabello found herself in a funny predicament. The Havana singer, who performed the song live on the New Year's Rockin' Eve special, was surrounded by the night’s fellow acts: Nick Jonas, Ryan Seacrest and Mariah Carey, when she realized she needed a New Year’s kiss. “The ball was dropping and I was like… am I going to kiss Nick Jonas?” she said during a recent appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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Camila Cabello released her new album on January 12 Photo: Instagram/@camila_cabello

“I didn’t – I chickened out,” the 20-year-old Cuban-American revealed while telling the story to the intrigued studio audience. “I thought it would be, like, funny! You know what I mean?” However, she did still get a New Year’s smooch of sorts. “Mariah Carey did blow me a kiss, so that was good!” she exclaimed, miming how she melted when she “caught” the air peck from the superstar. "It's kind of bittersweet because when you go into the ball drop thing, they don't let you bring your family up with you," she told Jimmy

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The songstress, who’s solo album Camila was released on January 12, also opened up about another rather awkward moment she had. While she was on stage performing in iHeart Radio’s Jingle Ball concert at Madison Square Garden over the holidays, she split her pants! “I ripped my pants that show – did you know that?” she asked the host lightheartedly. “Dude, I don’t know how… I literally heard the rip!” She added: “but, you know, the show must go on!”


“It was during a squat [move] and then I just heard the rip,” she said of the dancing moment. Camila discussed how she was then nervous to keep on dancing: “I didn’t remember if I had booty shorts on or whatever..." However, in the end, she acted like a complete pro: "I just kind of had to keep it going.” 

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