Elizabeth Gutiérrez recently revealed the secret behind her happy love life. After 15 years of a successful relationship with William Levy, the actress has shared some of her key tips for building and maintaining a healthy partnership. During an interview with MezcalTV, the model said that one of the most important things to keep in mind is the individuality of the person you love. "I believe that it is fundamental to respect each other's space. Respect that each person is an individual and that you do not belong to the other. Obviously, communication too. I believe in having the same ideals and having a lot of love. Without love there is no relationship. I think those are the most important points for me," she contently told the show while speaking Spanish.


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Elizabeth Gutiérrez and William Levy have been together for 15 years Photo: Getty Images

During the interview, Elizabeth also discussed the notion of setting New Year's resolutions. "I think it should not only be at the beginning of the year," she said. "I think you have to set goals in each moment of your life to do what you want. The dedication, the perseverance that you must have is a discipline and it is not easy." The 38-year-old telenovela star mentioned the importance of remaining concentrated: "I think by staying focused you can achieve what you want to do."

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Elizabeth also opened up about her family life Photo: Getty Images

While talking about her and William's children, Christopher and Kailey, the Mexican model said that they have set their own goals for 2018: "I see him [Christopher] very focused on being a professional player and I love it. I really like that he has goals, that he has that passion for something. If he succeeds or fails, his determination is worth a lot and is leading him to be a very disciplined child. And Kailey, it's a shame to say it, but she would love to be an actress and singer, so one actor and another athlete," she said, smiling.



Elizabeth and Will took their children on a holiday ski trip Photo: Instagram/@gutierrezelizabeth_

The family said goodbye to 2017 with a fun trip to the mountains, where they enjoyed skiing together for a few days. William shared some pictures of the special trip on social media, showing how proud he is of his two little ones. "I love spending time with my champion," he wrote on Instagram along with a beautiful snowy image. "To be tomorrow in the memories of your children, you must be present in their lives today."

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