Gina Rodriguez’s Instagram page is sprinkled with tributes to a diverse group of actors and actresses. Recently, the Jane the Virgin star, who has become known for especially paying homage to her fellow Latino community, opened up to Vogue about how she has always looked up to one actress in particular: America Ferrera. In fact, it was America who fueled Gina to choose a career in entertainment. Surprisingly, the 33-year-old didn’t center her dialogue on America around her hit shows Superstore or Ugly Betty, but instead highlighted her work on the 2002 dramedy Real Women Have Curves. The film tells the story of a young seamstress living in East Los Angeles who dreams of going to college and embraces her curvy figure despite her mom’s criticisms.

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America Ferrera and Gina Rodriguez have become fast friends Photo: Instagram/@americaferrera

During the magazine’s “73 Questions” video series, Gina was asked what sparked her interest in being an actress, she simply replied: “When I saw America Ferrera in Real Women Have Curves.” This past August, the two actresses excited fans about a possible collaboration when America shared a candid shot of her and Gina on Instagram. Along with it she wrote in the caption: “A glorious afternoon with my sister @hereisgina. I love this beautiful-hearted, bad-ass Latina who is killing the game left right and center. Making us all proud! #hermanas” (which translates to sisters).

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This isn’t the first time that Gina has publicly fawned over the 33-year-old actress. In 2015, the Golden Globes Twitter account confused the pair, but Gina didn’t sweat it. “Who cares?” she said to Entertainment Tonight. “America’s lovely. She’s so beautiful and such a fantastic actress. If there’s anybody I want to get mixed up with, it’s her, for sure.”

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During the rapid fire question Vogue video, Gina revealed some other celebrity’s that she admires. She said she was totally starstruck and speechless when she met A-lister and celebrity crush Brad Pitt. Without hesitation, Gina also said that if she could raid any woman’s closet it would hands down be Beyoncé’s. Then, when asked if she could pick any salsa partner in the world she responded with Jennifer Lopez.

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