Chrissie Fit talks return to Pitch Perfect and being a Disney princess for Latinas

Almost three years after making her debut as the Barden Bellas’ newest member, Chrissie Fit is returning as one of the veterans. “I think this time around she's a little bit more a natural part of the group,” the 33-year-old told HOLA! USA! about reprising her role as Flo in Pitch Perfect 3. “I think last time she was quick to point out their differences. This time around, she's enjoying the time that they’re in Europe and doing the USO tour.” The third installment of the musical franchise, out December 22, also stars Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow.


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Though it's been three years since the ladies were together on set, it was as if they didn’t spend any time apart. “It was amazing, wonderful, like it always is,” the Miami-born actress said. “I think this time around, we always have a good time, but we made an effort to be like 'this might be the last one, so let's make memories outside of filming.'"

Keep reading for more on how an album could be in her future, what it was like to play one of Disney's newest princess and why she is a major fan of the British royal family.

chrissie-fit-bellasVIEW GALLERY Chrissie stars alongside Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and Brittany Snow in the film Photo: Getty Images 

HOLA!: You mentioned you ladies are super close and made the most of your time on set. What did you do? 
Chrissie Fit: "We went bowling, to the movies, football games, we went to Usher's skate party one night. That was so random. Brittany [Snow] texted our group chat, that we've had for years... and Ester [Dean] wrote back with, 'I'm going to Usher's skate party, does anybody want to come?' And basically everyone was like 'Yeah, yeah, me, I'm there' and we went roller skating with Usher Raymond."


You really hit it off with the cast quickly. 
"I got bombarded with support from the beginning from all the girls. I think that the first weekend I was there I went to New Orleans with Brittany Snow and Kelly Jakle, and we just bonded right away. We live within two miles from each other now. Rebel was super helpful in just giving me advice and helping me be confident with improv on the set. Each girl has kind of helped me when I came in new." 

princess-valentinaVIEW GALLERY The actress made her debut as Princess Valentia in Disney Channel's Elena of Avalor Photo: Instagram/@chrissiefit

In the third installment, you wanted to move away from the more stereotypical jokes from the previous movie. How do you feel Flo did with the representation of Latina women?
"I feel really good about that. I sat down with our director Trish and sat down with the producers and writers and kind of didn't want to do that. We did those jokes, been there, done that. Also, it's not funny anymore. Let's get real. It's very important to me to be able to evolve and shine the most positive light possible on this character. I'm very fortunate to work with so many people who were right away like, 'We get it. Got it. Good. Let's do this.'"

Flo is inspired by your mom. Did she give you any advice?
"My mom does not give me advice. My mom is like, 'Please stop talking about me. I don't want to be famous' in her accent. But she's very supportive and happy. She did give me the advice to sing in Spanish for my audition to show them that I speak fluent Spanish and that was something that I think was a real asset." 

Could you see yourself pursuing a singing career?
"Maybe! You know I just went to the Latin Grammy Awards. I was so inspired by them, by the music, the culture and just like the love in the room. I think more than ever I've been thinking about it, but to do a Spanish album. My grandfather was a really great guitarist in Cuba, and I just recently found out that he has songs that were never recorded. Never say never." 

chrissie-fit-possible-albumVIEW GALLERY The Miami-born actress says never say never to an album Photo: Getty Images 

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You also play a princess in Disney Channel's Elena of Avalor. What did being cast as Princess Valentina mean to you?
"I'm a Disney princess! Crazy. It was really, really magical. There's so many different shapes, colors, sizes of Latina women. My character looks like me. She has darker skin, darker hair and it's really cool because, little girls who look the way that I do are seeing themselves onscreen and it's inspiring for them and hopefully will let them know that they can aspire to be or do whatever they want to be without a question." 

Since you are a princess yourself, what do you think of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal engagement?
"I'm like beside myself with joy and happiness. I literally am obsessed with anything British, with anything royal. I'm so excited that we are going to have an American princess and that she's African American. It's just so beautiful and wonderful. I wonder if they will invite me to the wedding. [Laughs] I am a Disney princess."

Have you ever met them?
"No, I haven't. Maybe I can sing at the wedding. I'm getting nervous right now thinking about it. I saw the interview. They are in love, their body language. They are just goals!" 

Pitch Perfect 3 hits theaters December 22

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