Gal Gadot says Princess Diana was a real-life Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot knows a wonder woman when she sees one. The actress, who plays Wonder Woman in the upcoming action film Justice League, compared her DC Comics Book’s heroine to the late Princess Diana. Chatting with Glamour magazine about her character’s popularity, the Israeli beauty said (via Eye Witness News), "I remember a quote from Princess Diana where she hit the nail on the head. She said she worked from the heart and not the head and I think that Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, is the same.”

Princes William and Harry's mother famously said "I lead from the heart, not the head," during her bombshell 1995 interview with Martin Bashir. While Gal's character is fictional, the Hollywood star noted that there are similarities between the British royal and the superhero.


gal-gadot-wonder-womanVIEW GALLERY Gal Gadot plays the heroine Wonder Woman Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"I know one Diana was real and the other isn't, but Wonder Woman is such a great character because she works from the heart,” the actress said. “She only means well, and the fact she's so strong and mighty, and the most iconic warrior, doesn't take away her femininity."


The 32-year-old, who is a mom to daughters Alma, six, and Maya Versano, seven-months, noted that the strength of women comes from within. She said,” I think that's the strength of women; that we can be strong - I don't mean just physically, although physically as well - but at the same time we can be connected to our emotions and be sincere and honest. This is our strength.”

princess-diana-wonder-womanVIEW GALLERY Princess Diana once said, "I lead from the heart, not the head" Photo: Tim Graham/Getty Images


Elton John recently opened up to HOLA! USA about Princess Diana’s ability to make people feel loved before her tragic death in 1997. Discussing the royal’s youngest son, Harry, the musician said, “People love [Harry]. He’s young and he’s got his mother’s ability to talk to people and make people feel at ease. Make them feel loved. Make them feel important and that’s a wonderful gift to have. It’s a very rare gift. He’s inherited it from his mother.”

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