Carlos Correa's fiancée has priceless reaction to hearing when they will wed

Carlos Correa and Daniella Rodriguez are still on cloud nine after their viral engagement last week! The 23-year-old shortstop and his now-fiancée had a lot to celebrate after he proposed following the Houston Astros first World Series win – a move that the former Miss Texas USA didn't see coming. “I had no idea,” the 21-year-old told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, October 6. “I mean he had been so focused on these games that the last thing I ever thought would be on his mind is proposing to me. That’s why I yanked the gate out of the way.”


carlos-correa-jimmy-kimmelVIEW GALLERY Carlos Correa and Daniella Rodriguez talked about their engagement on Jimmy Kimmel Live Photo: Twitter/@jimmykimmellive

For Carlos, the plan was in the making way before the big moment. “For the whole month I had been planning it,” the MLB star told the talk show host. “I knew we had a champion caliber team, so I was waiting it out to see how far it would go.” The Puerto Rican native continued: “So in game six, I had the ring ready in my backpack and I’m like, ‘This is the night’ then we lost the game. Then I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, one more game.’ I don’t have a plan B.’ We ended up winning the game and I was able to propose to my beautiful fiancée.”

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carlos-correa-daniella-rodriguez-mickey-mouseVIEW GALLERY Carlos and Daniella got engaged after the Houston Astros won the 2017 World Series Photo: Instagram/@daniellardzz

As for any pre-proposal jitters, Daniella knew that Carlos had zero doubts about her response. “I think he knew I would say ‘yes,’ “she shared. “That’s why he took such a big risk. I mean, come on, live television.” As for a date for their big day – Carlos has one in mind. “Somebody asked me when we are going to get married, and I said ‘when we win the World Series again,” he quipped.


He added: “If it’s ten years we gotta wait ten years to get married,” to which the former Miss Texas USA gave him quite the look. Carlos and Daniella are in good company when it comes to taking the next step. Houston Astros pitcher, Justin Verlander and supermodel Kate Upton continued the team's World Series win with their lavish wedding on November 4 in Tuscany, Italy.


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