Find out why J Balvin's comments on Gaby Espino's Instagram have made fans go wild

Friendship goals! Although there is a lot of interaction online between singer J Balvin and actress Gaby Espino, the pair are nothing more than friends having a little fun. Gaby’s publicist told HOLA! USA that both stars are “great friends” and that the Mi Gente singer “teases her all the time.” The rep added, “He comments on all her photos and it’s what the fans now expect.”

A couple of months ago, fans noticed that the Colombian pop star would leave silly comments on the Venezuelan actress' Instagram posts – leaving many to wonder if that was his way of flirting. In a picture posted on Gaby’s Instagram that showed her laying in the bed, the 32-year-old joked about the amount of makeup Gaby wears to sleep.


gaby-espino-instagramVIEW GALLERY Gaby’s publicist told HOLA! USA that the pair are just friends Photo: Instagram/@gabyespino 

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“You sleep with 3 kilos of makeup,” J Balvin wrote. In another one of the 39-year-old actress' posts ahead of a live TV appearance, J Balvin found the perfect opportunity to make another friendly jab. “OMG IF YOU SPEAK,” he commented followed by two poop emojis. While the banter is all fun, it doesn’t look like Gaby has taken any jabs at her friend on his Instagram page. 

j-balvin-instagramVIEW GALLERY J Balvin likes to tease the actress on social media Photo: Getty Images 

Both superstars are currently not in relationships. Gaby and the singer also haven’t been seen out in public together – nor do they have any photos with each other together on their Instagram pages.

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