Selena Quintanilla's legacy celebrated with her first-ever Google Doodle

Google honored Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla with their first-ever Selena Quintanilla Google Doodle. The animated singing cartoon that features Selena singing her 1994 hit song Bidi Bidi Bom Bom premiered on October, 17 to commemorate the day that the late singer's first studio album Selena was released — 28 years ago. The doodle, which celebrates the life and legacy of the Latin star, was two years in the making and involved Selena's family's help, including her sister Suzette Quintanilla

Selena was honored with her first-ever Google Doodle Photo: Grosby Group 

"Google came to us with this idea of telling a story," Suzette told Billboard Magazine. "The little girl who had a dream and she became who she became. They already had the content pretty much done, but they knew that family was everything.”  She continued, “The little details I gave...That Selena had red nail polish on instead of bright pink. That she had hoop earrings. They even put red on the microphone the way she used to have it." 

The doodle commemorates the day that the late singer's first studio album Selena Photo: Google

Discussing Selena's family's involvement with the project, Perla Campos, global marketing lead for Google Doodles, told Billboard, "I'm so inspired by them. They love her fans so much because they fans are the ones that built her up when she was alive, and then even afterwards, they're the ones keeping her memory alive and her legacy growing." She also noted, "Selena was always about transcending boundaries, and for someone who has such a powerful story to be featured on the homepage of Google—a search engine that connects people the way she connected people--that is such a beautiful thing." 

Selena's family, including her sister Suzette, worked closely with Google on the video Photo: Getty Images for Madame Tussauds New York 

Suzette shared the video on her Instagram account to celebrate her sister's latest honor. “Makes me smile watching this.. Hope it does the same for you. Thanks to all those at Google especially Perla for taking this project and making it happen,” she penned alongside the post. “Selena's life and legacy deserves to be celebrated. She inspires so many....Grateful for the continued love all you show by carrying her around in your hearts everyday. This Google Doodle will be seen in 15 counties around the world with in the next 24 hours only...please share...Besos friends!! 💜#selenadoodle.”

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Selena was killed in 1995 by one of her fans. Suzette opened up to HOLA! USA earlier this year about her late sister's legacy. “She was beautiful, she was talented, she had this way of being able to captivate you when she performed and on top of that she had this really amazing personality,” she said. “[Selena] was so down to earth and I think that people can relate to that. And unfortunately people can relate to the fact that she was taken way too soon, she was murdered, I think it just plays a small factor in the fact of why we are still talking about her today." 


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