Sofia Vergara on how being a single mom at a young age helped shape her career

Being a single mother is all the motivation Sofia Vergara needed to work her way to the top. The actress, who co-founded the EBY underwear subscription service, opened up in an interview with the Coveteur about working to provide for her now-26-year-old son Manolo Gonzalez Vergara.

“I was a single mother very early, and what made me wake up every day, what made me be responsible, was that I had the motivation that I needed to make money, to give my son all the things that I thought that he needed,” she shared.


sofia-single-motherVIEW GALLERY The actress admitted that being a single mom motivated her to earn money Photo: Getty Images

The actress worked to give her son good healthcare, an education and send him off to college, as well as abroad to get him cultured. The Modern Family star admitted that she also wanted to “have the power” to help her family in Colombia. “Because it’s Colombia, and I was living in the United States, so I needed to help them,” she explained.

“Money gave me a lot of power, money gave me independence, money made me feel good about myself, and I know how important it is," Sofia added. “So that’s what I want women to know—if you are able to control a little bit of money, and power yourself with it, you can do a lot of good things for you and your family.”

Sofia co-founded EBY, which is an underwear subscription service that gives 10% of sales to help micro-finance women living in poverty around the world, including her native Colombia Photo: Jake Rosenberg

The mom-of-one’s hard work has certainly paid of. Over the last seven years, the actress has received numerous Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. Sofia was also recently named by Forbes the world’s highest-paid TV actress for the sixth year in a row. In addition to her financial and career success, the 45-year-old has had personal success, marrying her love Joe Manganiello in 2015.

In her new interview, the TV star revealed what her husband teases her about. She shared, “[Joe] always makes fun of me because he says that I have like, three outfits a day. He says that I have my outfit that I go out in, then I have my loungewear—because as soon as I get home, I don’t want to be in tight jeans or a dress—I always have an in-between thing, because if it’s 4pm, I don’t want to put my pajamas on.”

sofia-joe-pet-peeveVIEW GALLERY The TV star revealed that her husband Joe makes fun of her for changing her outfits multiple times a day Photo: Getty Images

Sofia continued, “If I’m going to be at home, I don’t want to be uncomfortable. So he says, ‘Oh, you’re in your loungewear now!’ Then I wear my pajamas when I’m going to go to sleep. So he always makes fun of me. But you know, women want to be comfortable, but cute at the same time. And we can do it all.”

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