Camila Cabello on her solo career: 'I get to make mistakes, correct them and learn'

Now that she has gone solo, Camila Cabello’s creative process is all hers. "[The songs were] mostly written by other people," the 20-year-old told Rolling Stone magazine about her former group Fifth Harmony’s writing process. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, it's just not for me. It has to be me in order for me to be happy with the result. I get to make mistakes, correct them and learn and keep growing."


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Camila, who announced her departure from the girl group in 2016, it set to release her first solo album, The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. some time this fall. The Cuban singer's latest single Havana is an ode to her roots, which were a major influence on her upcoming record. "[Producer Frank Dukes] was a big part of taking a classic part of Latin culture and combining it with something new and modern," she said. "Together we made an album that's just reflective of me in every way. It's what's inside my head and my heart."

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On Friday, September, 29, Camila appeared on the Today Show, where she performed a few of her hits, including Bad Things and Crying in the Club and shared how she is finally making the music she dreamed about for years. “I’m having so much fun,” she told the morning show hosts. “It’s really fun to make the world that I have had in my head into a reality.”

camila-performVIEW GALLERY The Cuban-born singer performed her latest single Havana on the Today Show Photo: Getty Images

Camila brought the heat to a chilly New York City, turning the Today Show Citi Concert series into a dance party as she kicked off the show with a performance of Havana, a song that up until recently was just a vision. She said, “A song like Havana was just a title on the notes in my phone, and then it became a song and it’s going to become a video, soon I promise, and now I’m performing it here and it’s so much fun to create the whole thing.” 

Before singing Havana, Camila dedicated her song to the Dreamers. "This is America. The America we love, where no matter your race, your color, your beliefs or where you came from, if you have a dream, you can make it possible,” she said during the performance.


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