Jennifer Aniston on the one thing she changed after Justin Theroux proposed and what can ruin a marriage

Getting engaged to Justin Theroux in 2012, meant that Jennifer Aniston had to pick up a new beauty routine. “I usually just buff my nails. I don’t have the patience to let my nails dry,” the Friends alum explained in a new interview with Harper’s BAZAAR. “When Justin proposed he put that freaking ring on my finger, and I was like, “Holy crap, now I’m gonna have to get manicures.”


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Jennifer, 48, and the actor, 46, exchanged vows at their Bel Air, California, home back in August of 2015. “I just gave Justin our edited video of the wedding for our anniversary, and it was fun to revisit it,” she shared. The actress noted though that her relationship with Justin has been tested by her “expensive hobby” of renovating spaces. Jennifer said, “They say building houses can make or break a couple. I was so used to doing it on my own, and there were moments when I was like, ‘Don’t say no so fast.’”

magcoverVIEW GALLERY The Friends alum opened up about the actor proposing to her in 2012 Photo: Mariano Vivanco

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Recalling a particular project to the interviewer, the Hollywood star said, "You should have seen Justin. We walked in one day after they’d been doing the demo, and he was like, 'Holy sh-t. What are we doing?' And I was like, 'We’re redoing the house, babe. We gotta take the wall down to put up a nicer one.'" Jennifer admitted that she has had to change her tone when it comes to speaking to Justin about decorating. She said, “I have this dialogue with my interior designer where I’ll go: ‘No. Hate it. Move. Next.’ That can sound a little abrupt, so I had to retool my attitude a bit." In the end, she admitted, "It wasn’t very hard because he loved whatever I brought to him.”

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