Jennifer Lopez and Selena Quintanilla's sister Suzette reunite in Las Vegas

Suzette Quintanilla and Jennifer Lopez were reunited over the weekend. Legendary musician Selena Quintanilla's older sister and the 48-year-old posed for a picture after Jennifer’s All I Have concert in Las Vegas. “So much fun watching @jlo work that stage…#allihave,” Suzette captioned the picture on her Instagram


reunitedVIEW GALLERY Suzette and Jennifer were reunited in Las Vegas Photo: Instagram/@suzettesyld

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Jennifer and Suzette have remained in contact since 1997 – when she portrayed Selena in the film about her life and death. After their get together, Suzette told Entertainment Tonight, “[It] always feels good to see Jennifer and seems like old times when we hung out during the making of the Selena movie." She continued: "[I] don’t get to see her much, as you know we have a lot going on in our lives. It always makes me feel good inside when I hear her speak of what my sister means to her. How Jennifer looks up to her not only as an artist but as a person.” Bill also got the surprise of a lifetime when Jennifer introduced him to her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. “Honestly my husband was beyond excited to meet him.” She added: “It was a cool moment to see him meet someone he greatly admires.”

jennifer-1VIEW GALLERY Jennifer potrayed Selena Quintanilla in the 1997 movie Photo: Getty Images 

In June, Suzette, who appeared in New York for the unveiling of Selena’s wax figure at Madame Tussauds, said her sister would be proud of the Ni Tu Ni Yo songstress. “J.Lo is rocking it,” she told HOLA! USA. “You look at her and she's got that drive and it's not just about settling either, it's about being able to be an actress, being a performer, being a singer and being a mom with the twins.”

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Alex Rodriguez also brought his daughters to Sunday's show. In a video posted on Alex’s Instagram story, the World of Dance coach gave his daughter Ella singing lessons as she sang Alesia Cara’s Scars to Your Beautiful. A-Rod’s nine-year-old daughter belted out the tune as vocal coach Stevie Mackey led on the keyboard. Popstar Bebe Rexha took a turn singing In the Name of Love with Jennifer and the vocal coach in a video posted on his Instagram. “When @jlo asks you to sing, you betta sang! So much fun! @beberexha @jlo #allihave #aftershow #inthenameoflove.”

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