Enrique Iglesias, William Levy share personal videos of Hurricane Irma's aftermath in Miami

Following Hurricane Irma, Enrique Iglesias took to the streets of his native Miami to survey the damage done by the powerful storm. The singer shared a video on Monday, September 11, of himself driving around the Coconut Grove area, giving his fans a glimpse at the aftermath. The clip shows the 42-year-old at the wheel, cruising slowly as he takes in the flooded streets.



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Prior to the hurricane making landfall, Enrique sent well wishes to those in the path of the storm. "Everyone who is in the path of Hurricane Irma please stay safe this weekend!!!!," he penned. "Thanks to everyone sending prayers for those at risk.  Let’s also keep in our thoughts & prayers those in the Caribbean already affected, as well as everyone in Texas rebuilding from Harvey!" 

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Actor William Levy also documented the storm on his Instagram page, posting clips of the destruction. The dad-of-two lent a hand cleaning up his neighborhood to highlight the unity of the community after the storm. "Thanks to all the friends and neighbors that came out and help. During bad times, a happy face 😉 helping and receiving help from friends and neighbors. These are the times that unite us," he wrote alongside the video, adding, "You guys are the best !!! #huracanirma #helpeachother #goodvibes."


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Grammy-winning singer Natalia Jiménez also shared a photo after the storm of herself with her daughter Alessandra, which she simply captioned: "We survived Irma! My house is fine and we have just recovered the signal ... we are all well!!"

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During the Hurricane, Kristen Bell, who was stuck in Orlando while filming the movie Like Father, went above and beyond to assist with hurricane preparation and relief. The actress saved former co-star Josh Gad's family from the storm after they "were stranded in Florida" and performed songs for Hurricane Irma evacuees at a shelter, including her popular tune For the First Time in Forever from the Disney hit Frozen.

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On Monday, Kristen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live with her new friends to give an update. “We’re all safe and sound here,” the 37-year-old said. “We’re making the most of a crazy situation.”

"Everybody is fine. We got through it really well, mainly because of Gary right here. Gary's the main man here," she added. "We're at Walt Disney World's Swan and Dolphin Resort. Gary's been running the roost over here, and Gary is exhausted because he's been running toilet paper to people's rooms at 2 in the morning, handing out water—anything you need! It's so full service here!"


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