Just a month after giving birth to her gorgeous twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, Beyoncé took some well-deserved time off to enjoy a romantic date night with her husband-of-nine-years, Jay-Z. The singer gave fans a glimpse at the dreamy evening, sharing a collection of personal photos from their date to her Instagram. Despite the glamorous nature of Queen Bey’s posts, it seems they have stirred up quite the debate amidst the beehive.


Beyoncé caused quite the commotion on Instagram Photo: Instagram/@beyonce

One photo in particular depicts the 35-year-old superstar shimmering in an incredible wrap dress. While the number shows off her cleavage, and long wavy locks, something else caught fan’s eyes. The star sips what appears to be wine from a glass. Another snap shows Jay-Z also enjoying a drink with his cap pulled down over his eyes.


While many of her followers loved the pics, a cluster of them was more focused on the fact Beyoncé seemed to be drinking wine. One wrote: “Beautiful isn’t she supposed to breast feed ... why is our Queen sipin wine? Lol.” Another said: “Arent u breastfeeding?!???”

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Queen Bey looked glam in a wrap dress for her date night out Photo: Instagram/@beyonce

Plenty of fans rushed to the star’s defense, with one saying: “I'll do as I please thanks. I breastfed my daughter, it's safe to have a couple of drinks.” Another follower wrote: She's been photographed a few times in wrap around style dresses. Quite commonly worn when breastfeeding and by the way you can drink whilst breastfeeding. For all you know that could be the only drink she had that night. #getinformed.


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Aside from that picture, the Crazy in Love singer also shared a photo slideshow of herself, which showed off her glam red nails and stunning ring on her wedding finger. It’s clear that the singer looks fabulous after the recent birth of her twins. Little Rumi and Sir Carter were born via caesarean section on Tuesday June 13 at 5.13 a.m. at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in LA.

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