It looks like Catherine Zeta-Jones can add “designer” to her glittering resume! On Friday, the Oscar-winning actress confirmed on Instagram that she would be launching her own lifestyle brand this coming Fall. People first announced the exciting news, citing a source who revealed that Catherine has been fine-tuning the project for years now, accumulating tons of interested partners. While concrete details on the venture have yet to be publicized, the star has certainly been showing off her styling skills to her fans recently.


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Catherine Zeta-Jones showed off her amazing kitchen Photo: Instagram/@catherinezetajones

Those who follow the 47-year-old beauty on social media have most likely noticed her recent posts that include the hashtag “#StyleByZeta” in the caption. Much of her Instagram is comprised of these kinds of photos, which feature her how she’s designed various corners of her home. One snap this summer showed off her stunning kitchen. Another stylish post flaunted the talents’ dining table décor. “Summer setting at the table,” Catherine wrote along with a snap of her shiny black table. She had placed gorgeous pink flowers and a meticulous-looking dining setting out.


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Catherine Zeta-Jones has been using the hashtag "#StyleByZeta" Photo: Instagram/@catherinezetajones

Another one of Catherine’s recent social media posts hinted at her upcoming lifestyle brand in a different way. Just over a week ago, she shared a pic of her wearing a rather sneaky grin as she posed in front of a sewing machine. She captioned the selfie: “Ready to work!” It’s apparent that the mother-of-two is keen on all kinds of design!

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Catherine said she was 'ready to work' in front of a sewing machine Photo: Instagram/@catherinezetajones

Back in June, the Welsh native displayed her magnificent home garden in a series of Instagram photos. Catherine posted three pictures of her extensive rose plot, showcasing her sprawling property. She wrote: “Just started a rose garden. So excited.” One photograph showed a romantic-looking gravel path with archways for the light pink roses to grow over. Meanwhile, another exhibited pretty beds of lilac blooms and a striking overhanging tree with bright flowers.

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