Michael Bublé's wife Luisana Lopilato recalls 'devastating' moment she found out son Noah had cancer

Luisana Lopilato opened up in a new, emotional interview about the heartbreaking moment she learned of her son Noah's cancer diagnosis. Chatting with Argentinian TV host Susana Gimenez, the actress revealed that she flew with her three-year-old son to a hospital in Los Angeles, where she was given the devastating news.


VER GALERÍA The mom-of-two opened up about learning of her odlest son's cancer diagnosis Photo: Instagram/@michaelbuble

The mom-of-two had originally taken Noah to doctors in Argentina, but his illness was dismissed as mumps. Luisana then consulted her regular pediatrician who suggested further tests on the little boy, and it was during the ultrasound that they found something in his stomach. “After they did the ultrasound, they told me they found something in his belly,” Luisana recalled. “They didn’t know what it was yet, or if it was a tumor, but that day I decided to take a flight [to the United States].” The 30-year-old traveled without even telling her husband Michael Bublé because she couldn't get through to the singer.

"Mike wasn't with me at the time," Luisana told Susana, during the at-home interview in Vancouver. "He was just about to do a very important interview in England and I couldn't get hold of him on the phone so the day I found out Noah had something in his stomach and the doctors didn't really know what it was and whether it might be a tumor, I got a flight to the States." She added, "If I hadn't done the ultrasound to rule out mononucleosis, they wouldn't have discovered what they had in his stomach and it would have been worse after."

VER GALERÍA The model has recently shared a photo of her son in recovery Photo: Instagram/@luisanalopilato

Luisana said that she and Michael, 41, had always agreed to seek medical help in Los Angeles since it is a halfway point between his family in Canada and hers in Argentina. As soon as Michael found out, he flew to California, and the couple spent the next seven months by their eldest son's bedside. Michael canceled his tour, while Luisana, who was also caring for their one-year-old son Elias, stopped filming her movie in Argentina.

During the interview, Luisana also spoke of her relief that the "worst is over." She said, "Thank God the worst is now over, but this is a long and ongoing process. It's devastating for any parent to receive the news we did when Noah fell ill."

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