Massage from hell! Salma Hayek had one awkward encounter with a male masseuse at her hotel in Austria. It seems like when she undressed for the massage so did he! The 50-year-old actress recalled the hilarious story while promoting her new film Beatriz at Dinner on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix talk show. 


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Chelsea Handler and Salma Hayek had a blast together Photo: Instagram/@chelseashow

"I was in a very foreign, exotic country and I was desperate because I have some back problems, and they said, ‘We only have a man.’ And I prefer to have a girl, but I was desperate. I said, 'OK, bring him,'” Salma told Chelsea and the studio audience. “I’m like, for sure he’s gay… you have nothing to worry about,” she said, remembering how much she convinced herself that it would all be fine.

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Things took an uncomfortable turn when the male masseuse came up to her hotel room and began to massage Salma. “I opened my eyes and I see this horrible feet with, like, fungus on the toenail,” she said, visibly disgusted. “Then I look again and I see the hairy legs and I go, 'Wait a minute.' He was not wearing shorts!” Salma soon took things into her own hands, asking: “Dude, where are your shorts?” When the naked man shrugged off the question the actress got serious: “I was like, 'No, no, no, you gotta put it back on. This is not cool!'"


Salma has been out promoting her new film Beatriz at Dinner Photo: Getty Images

When Chelsea said that she would have run away in fear of being assaulted, Salma revealed that she didn't feel like she could escape. “You couldn’t just run because you’re naked yourself!” she exclaimed, "I was terrified!" When Chelsea asked why Salma would have just not worried about being naked and gotten out of there, the Emmy-winner began to act out what that would have looked like: "If you get up, you're completely exposed," she said to the comedian. "Let me tell you, you and I, when we run, it's very visual. You know, some other girls can run… You and I, there's a lot going on."

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In the end, the naked masseuse told Salma that some clients like it when he gives a massage without clothes on and that he works at that Austrian hotel all the time. "Wrong client," Salma recalled responding to him, still shaken up. "Then it dawns on me… there was a friend I was staying with… I sent him to my friend next door!"

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