It looks like there's a new "William and Harry" in town! While Will Arnett certainly has a collection of impressive celebrity contacts in his cell phone, one in particular takes the throne: Prince Harry! On Friday, while appearing on The Late Late Show, the comedian casually revealed that he is chummy with the 32-year-old royal. During his chat with host James Corden, Will explained that after he and Harry got to know each other at an event a while back he decided to take their friendship to "text" level.


“We actually have a mutual friend over there in the U.K.,” the 47-year-old Arrested Development star began. “His name is Harry. He’s a redhead… Prince Harry – that’s right! I couldn’t think of his first name! Yes, Prince Harry.” While the Canadian-American entertainer started off jokey, he was completely serious when he said the pair had a text message exchange while he was visiting London.


Will Arnett revealed that he has texted Prince Harry Photo: Getty Images

“I was working with my writing partner and we took a break and were walking through Green Park. And we sort of crossed the mall and you could see Buckingham Palace. And I was like, ‘Oh, I should text Prince Harry,’” Will said. Without a second thought, Will typed: “‘Hey man. I’m just in London for a few days and I thought of you, I’m walking in front of your gran’s house’.”


Will Arnett was joined by Seth Rogen and Alison Brie on The Late Late Show with James Corden Photo: Facebook/@latelateshowcbs

It seems that Prince Harry appreciated hearing from the funny actor, who shares two children with ex-wife Amy Poehler. “Not many people have referred to Buckingham Palace as his gran’s house,” Will said, eliciting lots of laughter from the studio audience. Unfortunately for the star, Harry wasn’t around to hang out. “He did text back… He was in like Afghanistan or something,” the Emmy-nominated performer said. “He’s the real deal, that dude. He’s a real prince of a guy.”

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Will isn’t the only famous face in Prince Harry’s large circle of friends. The royal is also buddies with Ellie Goulding, Michelle Obama, David Beckham and of course, his girlfriend Meghan Markle. He is also very close with British singer James Blunt, who is married to the Duke of Wellington’s granddaughter Sofia Wellesley.

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